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RiverGate is a consulting and contract services firm located in Chattanooga, TN. Our staff has been matching technology with business solutions for over 20 years. We came together as RiverGate Solutions in 1993, and have been online since 1994. In early 1995 we began delivering business solutions based on online technologies and the World Wide Web.

Our Vision

As the business world is discovering the power of the Internet and the World Wide Web, we are constantly exploring the next generation of online technologies. Our goal is to continue to implement and improve the use of web-based tools as part of our package of business solutions.

Three principles guide us in achieving our vision:

Integrating our Core Capabilities

Our core capabilities in design, technology, and marketing are key to our success. We draw on our talents in both visual and information design to create effective and easy to use interfaces. Our understanding of computing technology enables us to implement complex and powerful interactive tools. Finally, we expand the relationship between digital media and marketing, promoting brand development in addition to revenue-building products.

Building Client Relationships

We look to develop challenging and rewarding relationships with our clients. In this environment, both the client and the RiverGate team work together to generate the most amount of learning, creativity, and financial and marketing returns.

Developing Business Solutions

Our projects, from first stage to last, are rooted in our clients' business needs. RiverGate uses its talents and experience in digital communications to extend and develop solutions that work within this new medium.

Our Staff

We believe that we have achieved the right mix of seasoned professionals and youthful energy, and we are constantly pushing our staff and clients to a higher level of performance.

Service in a nutshell

We mix our services with the underlying premise that business goals must be achieved. We have the tools, knowledge, and experience to deliver highly customizable solutions for your business or organization.

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