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The coordination of the physical workplace with the principles of Business Administration, Architecture, and the Behavioral and Engineering Sciences.

--Library of Congress

RiverGate Facilities Solutions, a division of RiverGate , offers facilities consulting and contracted facilities management staff on an hourly or project basis. We can supplement your staff by offering a variety of professional services. Whether it is a new project or review of an existing work process, we offer experience and resources to meet your business needs. You pay for professional services on an "as needed" basis without the overhead of full time project staff with benefits.

Lack of manpower and changing priorities often means projects get delayed (some forever). Other projects are not given the attention to detail required for their successful completion. RiverGate Facilities Solutions (RFS) offers detailed project planning and implementation skills to support your business plans.

We believe that effective facilities management should include input from in-house staff and outside professionals. A real value of RiverGate Facilities Solutions is that we can enlist the services of other professionals when necessary and effectively coordinate both in-house staff and outside services for the best long-term solutions. We have years of nation wide experience in working with regulatory and compliance agencies. We also have working relationships with a variety of vendors in each of these locations.

We provide coast to coast project support with completed or ongoing projects in 42 states with extensive travel experience.

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